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Essilor expansion

Essilor is a company that likes to expand through acquisitions, but an increasing number of these purchases are in the retail space. Simon Jones looks at the recent additions to its portfolio and considers whether Essilor is now a competitor to the optician as well as a supplier

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An option for tired eyes

Bill Harvey tries out a new spectacle lens option for a reluctant spectacle wearer experiencing signs of digital eye strain

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Looking at labs

There have been a few forks in the road for Neil Jones, the co-founder of Ultimate Edge Glazing, but his latest venture finds itself flying down the home straight. Joe Ayling travelled to Worcester to find out more

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A look at Lenstech's HQ

Optician recently visited the headquarters of Lenstec, a company achieving rapid growth while maintaining its ever-important personal links with customers

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Lenstec BLU+V

Paul Walden explains how the new BLU+V lens material from Lenstec is a genuine advance in eye protection

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Spectacle lens standards

Ronald Rabbetts describes the latest version of British Standards reflecting changes in the use of semi-finished blanks

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A review of the Netrometer

Bill Harvey tries out a novel smart phone adaptation that allows lens measurements to be taken wherever you are

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E-Scoop lenses case study

Dutch optometrist Joanneke Kampen-Smalbrugge describes a case where the E-Scoop lens offered the solution needed by a patient at her low vision clinic

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Interview: Martin Batho, managing director of Hoya Lens UK

If you expect a lens manufacturer to bang on about Abbe numbers and indices you may be disappointed by Hoya. It has all of the answers on technology but is more interested in discussing solutions to the problems faced by independent practices

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Lens File: Essilor Eyezen

Eyezen is one of a new generation of lenses specifically designed for people who use digital devices frequently. Essilor Eyezen lenses are designed so that wearers can relax their eyes while they protect their visual health for the future. Aude Bouillet explains

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Event Report: Hoya education

Eye care practitioners from around the globe converged upon Budapest, Hungary recently for two days of education and a chance to look at an interesting new instrument for assessing binocular stability. Optician picks out the highlights

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Lens File: Hi-tech specialist driving lenses

The Zeiss DriveSafe lenses differ from traditional spectacle lenses by addressing the entire bundle of rays passing through the mesopic pupil, thus reducing glare and improving acuity