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Opti’s evolution and variety

With digitalisation at the forefront of many industries, this year’s Opti Munich embraced the potential benefits new technologies could bring to the sector. Jo Gallacher reports

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Photochromics reviewed

There are more product choices than ever when selecting photochromic lenses. Optician rounds up some of the best options for practices

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Optical connections

David Baker focuses on the legacy of noted scientist Katherine Burr Blodgett whose work created the anti-reflective lens technology which has become ubiquitous today

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Brand building at JS Optical

West Midlands lab JS Optical is trying to build a brand based on service and technical excellence. Simon Jones finds out how

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Photoprotection part 3

In the last article in this series looking at short wavelength light and its impact on ocular structures, Coralie Barrau, Amelie Kudla and Melanie Tessieres describe the new protective lens system from Essilor

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Lens technology at Silmo

Innovations filled the exhibit halls at Silmo in Paris last month. Chris Bennett brings back tales of technological breakthroughs from the front line

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In focus: Coloured filters

Bill Harvey looks at a newly published paper casting doubts on the use of coloured filters in the management of reading concerns and hears arguments being raised by those still supporting them

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Varifocal non-tolerance

In 2014 Nockolds Solicitors were appointed by the GOC to deliver the Optical Consumer Complaints Service. In a new series exclusive to Optician, the Nockolds team share insights gleaned from the hundreds of cases they review. A first article by Richard Edwards offers tips to reduce varifocal non-tolerance – the single biggest cause for consumer complaints

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Looking a labs: Caledonian

Significant investment in Caledonian Optical has unlocked the full capabilities of what was already an established and respected lab. Simon Jones travels to Aberdeen to find out why the company is now looking beyond the borders

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In focus: Blue light lenses

Blue light filtering lenses have been introduced by most of the major manufacturers but early claims about the potential damage certain wavelengths of the blue light could cause have been scaled back dramatically. Optician takes views from around the sector and hears how one Bath practitioner has sought to bring some clarity. Chris Bennett reports

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Interview: Mo Jalie

The man who literally wrote the book on Principles of Ophthalmic Lenses shares some of his vast experience with Optician

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Tried and tested

Rodenstock is hoping to leverage the accuracy of its lens manufacturing capabilities

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Awards 2016: Carl Zeiss

Optician looks at the technology behind Lens Product of the Year - the Carl Zeiss DriveSafe - to find out more about its motoring credentials

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Looking at labs

Mike Hale visits Focus Optical Laboratories to hear how improved organisation and application of technology allows the prescription house to better serve its clients