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Lenses as therapy

Frank Norville recently organised a training day where key speakers debated new developments in spectacle lenses. Bill Harvey reports

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A healthy lens industry

Rory Brogan rounds up the latest advances in ophthalmic lenses on display at Optrafair London, many of which were aimed at protecting the eyes, along with the latest in demonstration and measuring tools

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Tried and tested: Jai Kudo Blue Shield

Blue light is currently the hot topic in the ophthalmic lens sector. With exposure to the dangerous spectrum of blue light higher than ever, most major lens producers now offer a filtering option in their product portfolios

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New British Standards

Ronald Rabbetts discusses revised and new British Standards relating to lens transmittance

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Lenses at Silmo 2013

Lenses are currently seen as the driver for growth in optical markets. Chris Bennett reports from Paris on the latest product launches

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Near refraction and aberrometry

Dr Dietmar Uttenweiler and Christina Butz discuss a Rodenstock system that allows near cylinder differences and high-order aberrations to be incorporated into the final lens

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Making an impression

In a final report from this year's Optrafair exhibition in Birmingham, Optician rounds up the remaining lens and related equipment news

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Variable focus developments

Optician recently hosted a debate in liaison with Adlens with a variety of practitioners and experts to discuss the latest innovations in variable lenses

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Varilux S series - breaking the limits

Cyril Guilloux, Soazic Mousset, Christian Miege, and Andy Hepworth describe a new series of lenses which incorporates some novel developments in progressive design

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The opticians' bible is back

The UK spectacle lens market has changed significantly over the last few years, as Pat and Phil Gilbert discovered when compiling an updated version of Ophthalmic Lenses Availability, the guide to spectacle lenses, coatings and tints available in the UK