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Silmo game changers

The breadth and scope of the designs on show at Silmo showed that eyewear design and engineering have been ratcheted up a notch. Simon Jones looks at the highlights

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Brexit brands

The UK referendum may be done and dusted, but opticians can now decide whether to leave their European eyewear brands and remain British instead. Simon Jones reports

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Taking the brand on tour

Maui Jim is set on promoting its sunglasses with a £1million investment in the ATP. Chris Bennett looks at the advantages of such a deal

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Flight school

It’s possibly the most iconic sunglass silhouette out there and still flies off the shelves. Optician looks at some of the best aviator sunglass styles out there

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Essilor expansion

Essilor is a company that likes to expand through acquisitions, but an increasing number of these purchases are in the retail space. Simon Jones looks at the recent additions to its portfolio and considers whether Essilor is now a competitor to the optician as well as a supplier

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Tried and tested: Rapha Classic Sunglass

Cycling and sunglasses are made for each other. They both require function and performance, they increasingly look to style and history to entice in customers and they appeal to those people who enjoy form and fashion

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Tried and tested: Rapha Classic Sunglasses

Any practice with a swanky bike shop close by would do well to go along and introduce themselves. While there, remind the bike shop staff where to send those middle-aged men In Lycra requiring a prescription for their newly-acquired Rapha Classic Sunglasses

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Eyewear turning Japanese at International Optical Fair Tokyo

The latest trends influencing the European and Japanese markets made for a fascinating visit to IOFT (October 3-5) for Bobbie van der List who explores companies’ various takes on design, innovation and materials, speaking to many of the key players driving developments in the industry

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Winter wraps: The best eyewear for the slopes

The cold days and dark nights of winter can be a testing time of year for many. But for snow sports enthusiasts it offers the chance to head to the mountains and indulge their passion once more. Stocking a range of quality goggles and sunglasses in this area can provide a significant boost to practice revenues

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The future of eyewear

Prominent figures from within the eyewear industry offer their opinions on the factors which could influence eyewear during the next decade