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CHRE report hits out at group conversion rates

Claims that moving from independent practice to working for a corporate group sharply increases conversion rates - and comments about the 'emerging profession' of retinopathists - were challenged last week.

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Vantage point

The introduction of compulsory continuing education and training has been one of the hottest issues of the year. Chris Bennett spoke to optical scheme director at Vantage Technologies Tim Ray

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Lens price war looms

Supermarkets and pharmacists are expected to jump on the contact lens bandwagon, with Tesco planning to be one of the first to take advantage of changes to the regulations.

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Rules of the game

Read Rakesh Kapoor's article on GOS Services and use our interactive tool to see what you need to do to carry on providing GOS services after the transitional period ends on July 31 2005.

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Designs of the times

The family firm of GC Bateman is getting a makeover, with a practice redesign, investment in instrumentation, services and a new fascia. Rory Brogan visited the company at its Surrey headquarters

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To buy or not to buy?

Choosing which frames to buy for your practice is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your offering from the competition. Emma White and Rob Moss provide 10 top tips on frame purchasing

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Ladies first

Last May, Classic Eyes won optician's Eye Care Practice of the Year award. Emma White caught up with the all-female Cardiff Bay team

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Understanding VAT

Attributing VAT to the supply of spectacles is a complex process usually left to your accountant. Jagdish Patel explains two methods of calculating the correct figure in simple terms