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Blood of a Viking

At weekends Dr Glyn Walsh, senior lecturer, programme organiser (dispensing) and registered optometrist at Glasgow University's Department of Vision Sciences, often goes by the more imposing title of Magnus the Viking. Alex Thomas reports

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The only way is up

A new series looking at the after hours activities of optical folk begins with a familiar face from the Optician Ironman team

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The Complete Optometric Assistant

Aspiring assistants take note. Karen Clegg enthuses about a book for frontline staff which should occupy a quite unique place on the bookshelf

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Lost opportunity

Marvyn Slater, who retired from practice in 2003, reflects on his career and gives his opinion of where optometry went wrong

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Escape to the country

Following on from last month's focus on the West Country, Mike Hale puts optical opportunities in East Anglia under the microscope

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Go west, young optom!

For aspiring optometrists and dispensing opticians qualifying is only the start of their lives in optics. Once they have negotiated four years of undergraduate study, a further year pre-registration, passed countless exams and most likely incurred crippling loans, the next step is to successfully apply for a job – and anyone thinking this is the easy part is behind the times.

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Should I go it alone?

Tina Romanay describes the role of the locum optometrist and some points that are worth considering before going down this employment path

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Optometry in India

Optometrists in India are engaged in a struggle to raise the profile of the profession in the country. Narendra Kumar reports

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The sports vision maverick

Optometrist Nick Dash, CEO of sports vision advisory company ProSportsVision, has been involved with sport throughout his career. Alex Thomas reports

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Holding on to your best staff

How do you make sure your staff feel appreciated and motivated? David Gilliver outlines the key issues in retaining talented personnel

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Gaining through training

David Gilliver reports on the need for training of non-professional staff, with customer skills particularly important in times of economic uncertainty

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Assessing the assessor

Rather than an exercise in box-ticking, the role of a pre-registration assessor demands a variety of skills. Emma White reports

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Land of opportunity

Martin Hodgson shares his experience of working as an optometrist in Australia

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The cataract surgeon

The life of the cataract surgeon is a busy but incredibly rewarding one. Shannon McKenzie reports

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Optician Salary Survey: Average pay on the rise

Over 700 practitioners logged on to to take part in our annual salary survey, revealing not only levels of pay but also patterns of working, preference for benefits, reasons for changing jobs, desired locations and how long it took to find them. Emma White reports

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Independents and franchises pay best

Franchise and independent practices continue to offer the highest salaries with dispensing opticians at multiples earning on average half as much as those working at franchise practices, according to latest statistics.