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Remarkable roles

Optometrist Peter Greedy looked set for a comfortable corporate career before applying his inquisitive mind to an everyday problem, Chris Bennett caught up with him to find out more

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In focus: The Gender pay gap

As the gender pay gap debate rages on, the UK’s leading optical chains last week met a government deadline to disclose how much they were paying male and female optical staff. Joe Ayling reports

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Pre-reg: Change of assessor

Stage two of the pre-reg year can be daunting, with the introduction of mystery patients and a new assessor. Be prepared, urges Bill Harvey

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Pre-reg: Final assessment

Bill Harvey offers some words of wisdom on how to approach the objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), the final assessment of the pre-reg scheme

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Entering the workplace

Taking part in a pre-reg year can develop your clinical skills tenfold. But how does working in a practice differ from studying at university? Luke Haynes asks a group of pre-reg trainees in multiple, independent and hospital settings to see how they adapted to life after leaving the university bubble

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Pre-reg training

Optometry students have the chance to complete their pre-reg placement in a multiple, independent or hospital setting, but the latest Optician research found most start out with a chain. Joe Ayling reports

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Pre-reg toolkit

Setting out into the world of work as a pre-reg optometrist requires a host of new personal and clinical skills. But what about the physical equipment you will need? Bill Harvey reports

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Life as a pre-reg student

You’ve secured your placement, you’ve read up on the ethos of the company and you’re studying ahead of your first week in the job. But what can you expect to be doing? Luke Haynes quizzes Ali-Raza Hassam, a current pre-reg trainee at Specsavers Epsom, about his typical week

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Five myths of the pre-reg

Stepping into the unknown, it is hard to anticipate just what to expect from a year working in a practice. Luke Haynes busts some of the common myths surrounding the pre-reg

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Coaching good habits

Vision Express at Tesco optometrist Sheena Tanna-Shah, who coaches pre-regs as part of her varied role in Northampton, places importance on communication within the team, the patient and models for personal development

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Pre-reg year: Words of wisdom

Supervisors find real inspiration and satisfaction from helping their staff to develop, meaning pre-regs should ask as many questions as possible to succeed

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The road to qualification

Passing your pre-reg year with flying colours can feel a tall order at times, but Bill Harvey has identified the key areas to focus on

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Pre-reg stage 1: Competency

The three stages of pre-reg each have their own unique challenges, from close assessment to practical stations. Bill Harvey begins with a detailed breakdown of stage one

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In focus: Pre-reg trainees

Latest figures show multiple chains are gaining market share of optometry students as they are released from university for their Scheme for Registration. Joe Ayling reports

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Remarkable roles

Newly qualified dispensing optician Felicity Tennant makes use of her law education by offering support to youth offenders in Leicester. Luke Haynes reports

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Interview: Paul Morris

Ahead of this year’s Optrafair, Luke Haynes speaks with Specsavers director of professional advancement Paul Morris about his involvement in the show