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Coaching good habits

Vision Express at Tesco optometrist Sheena Tanna-Shah, who coaches pre-regs as part of her varied role in Northampton, places importance on communication within the team, the patient and models for personal development

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Pre-reg year: Words of wisdom

Supervisors find real inspiration and satisfaction from helping their staff to develop, meaning pre-regs should ask as many questions as possible to succeed

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The road to qualification

Passing your pre-reg year with flying colours can feel a tall order at times, but Bill Harvey has identified the key areas to focus on

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Pre-reg stage 1: Competency

The three stages of pre-reg each have their own unique challenges, from close assessment to practical stations. Bill Harvey begins with a detailed breakdown of stage one

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In focus: Pre-reg trainees

Latest figures show multiple chains are gaining market share of optometry students as they are released from university for their Scheme for Registration. Joe Ayling reports

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Remarkable roles

Newly qualified dispensing optician Felicity Tennant makes use of her law education by offering support to youth offenders in Leicester. Luke Haynes reports

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Interview: Paul Morris

Ahead of this year’s Optrafair, Luke Haynes speaks with Specsavers director of professional advancement Paul Morris about his involvement in the show

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Work-life balance

Using clinical expertise and working close to friends and family emerged as key priorities in the Optician Workplace survey 2017. Joe Ayling reports on the findings

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Technological revolution

Emerging technologies are helping to evolve the role of eye care professionals. Mike Hale speaks to an experienced dispensing optician and two optometrists about their professional roles in the future

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The rise of the locum

Locum work among both optometrists and dispensing opticians has gained popularity as eye care professionals look for more workplace flexibility. Joe Ayling reports

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Where work will take you

One of the many great aspects of starting a career in optics is the sheer variety of workplace options. From close-knit independents and fast-paced multiples to supermarket chains and care in the home, there is something for everyone. Emma White reports

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Going your own way

Prab Boparai’s inspirational journey from A-Level student to practice owner has included stopovers in dispensing, contact lenses and the consulting room, showing that the best opportunities are often close at hand. Simon Jones reports

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Future optometry careers

Optometry students can offer a refreshing view on the future of a career in optics. Joe Ayling interviewed twin Canadian pre-reg students Joshua and Michael Mandel, who attended Anglia Ruskin University, and Aarani Sivanesan, a student optometrist at the University of Portsmouth

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Apprenticeships update

This month saw a number of representatives from the optical sector join hundreds of colleagues from health, education and a whole host of other sectors at the second meeting of the Westminster Employment Forum Apprenticeships Series. Peter Black reports

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New optometry courses in deman

As another cohort of student optometrists prepare for freshers’ week at universities across the UK and new courses aim to supply eye care in remote regions, the prospect of a career in optics is reaching far and wide. Joe Ayling reports

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A rewarding optom career path

Diabetic eye screening (DES) services are growing rapidly as the prevalence of the Type 2 variant rockets. But this is opening up opportunities for optometrists looking to take their careers in a clinical direction. Chris Bennett reports