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Women in optics

This year's Optrafair will feature a Question Time-style Women in Optics discussion. We catch up with some of the speakers ahead of the event

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Remarkable roles

Audiologist at Specsavers’ Sutton Coldfield store Matthew Alexander has spent the past 12 years educating patients on the dangers of loud music, so it comes as a surprise that his spare time is spent mixing tracks as a house music DJ. Jo Gallacher reports

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Q&A: Stephen Bannister

Stephen Bannister, Specsavers Hearcare Hearing aid dispenser (HAD) and hearcare joint venture partner Bromley answers our questions

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Remarkable roles

Saving lives is not what most would consider a relaxing time off, but for Justine Sturtivant offering a second pair of hands to an ambulance crew has become part of her weekly routine. Jo Gallacher reports

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Q&A: Sarah Farrant

The optometrist, independent prescriber and co-owner of Earlam and Christopher Optometrists in Taunton answers our questions

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No stopping the marathon man

Running 26.2 miles is no easy task, and Mike Barnaby has done it nearly 400 times. He takes a breather to talk to Jo Gallacher

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Developing from dispensing

Training to become a contact lens optician can open a whole new world of opportunity for dispensing opticians

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Options in optometry

Qualifying for a therapeutic speciality or other higher qualification can be a great career move for an optometrist. Dr Mary-Ann Sherratt, president of the College of Optometrists, shares her advice with Mike Hale

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Gaining an IP qualification

Experienced optometrist Colin Davidson qualified for the independent prescriber specialty in 2011. Here he gives his advice on how to follow this career path

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A career in audiology

Hearing care specialists are working ever closer with optical staff and enjoy a fulfilling career option. Jeet Saimbi, who has more than four decades’ experience at Scrivens, explains more to Joe Ayling

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Optical salary survey 2016

Optical pay has been marking time for some years now but, as a new Optician workplace survey shows, professionals are more interested in where they work than how much they get paid. Chris Bennett reports

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Working your own hours

The College of Optometrists’ workforce study reveals what the main drives are for practitioners in the coming years and found achieving a work-life balance is key

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Stepping on the career ladder

Pre-reg optometrist Nadine Joyce has made a full career transition by completing both dispensing and optometry qualifications at Glasgow Caledonian University. On the way she won the OD Black Award from her new employer Black and Lizars

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Careers advice

Recruitment of staff remains a challenge in many UK regions. There are 11 optometry schools stretching from Plymouth to Glasgow, with practices hoping to attract the best young talent. Saul Sebag speaks those training for a career in optics

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On the learning curve

Simon Jones talks to three individuals each on different career paths but bonded by their aptitude for learning about the industry and the roles they can play