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Careers in optics: Blending in at Boots

Boots Opticians managing director Ben Fletcher tells Optician editor Chris Bennett why job candidates stand to benefit from working at a high street brand associated with wider healthcare and pharmacy

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Optics: A profession in demand

A combination of loyalty in the optical profession and new opportunities are giving rise to a wide choice of career options for the most open minded candidates

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Super optoms cast verdict on domiciliary role

There is something of the superhero about domiciliary eye care providers – who swoop in to help the most vulnerable of eye patients. As optometrists from the Outside Clinic testify, the role demands a blend of workplace flexibility, wide clinical knowledge and personal skills, but is a rewarding vocation for those capable of becoming what the company calls a ‘Super optom’.

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The 'hear' and now for audiology training

After some time apart, the audiology and optical sectors have started to realign and some practitioners may consider retraining or adding hearing care qualifications to their skillset