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Super optoms cast verdict on domiciliary role

There is something of the superhero about domiciliary eye care providers – who swoop in to help the most vulnerable of eye patients. As optometrists from the Outside Clinic testify, the role demands a blend of workplace flexibility, wide clinical knowledge and personal skills, but is a rewarding vocation for those capable of becoming what the company calls a ‘Super optom’.

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The 'hear' and now for audiology training

After some time apart, the audiology and optical sectors have started to realign and some practitioners may consider retraining or adding hearing care qualifications to their skillset

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The plight of the employed optometrist

How has optometry become such a dire career choice in the UK? Why would almost no optometrist be able to recommend it with a clear conscience to a bright-eyed sixth-former with the right A levels?

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Adding value

From the Channel Islands to Scotland practice staff are deciding to study for a formal qualification, writes Graham Jones

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The volunteer technician

Vision Aid Overseas is offering optical technicians the chance to use their skills to help set up its Vision Centres overseas. Alison Ewbank talks to one volunteer to find out what's involved.

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The Company of knowledge

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers is focused on improving skills. Here Catherine Barrell reveals how the Level 4 Diploma for Optical Technicians has boosted her career

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Back to school

Practitioners around the UK have been heading back to the classroom to act as ambassadors for Careers in Optics. Alison Ewbank talked to some of those involved

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Confidence to do the job

Two distance-learning courses run by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers have been of great benefit to support staff member Jo Hearle and her practice, as Graham Jones reveals

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Keep on training

There's more to WCSM courses than you might think, says Graham Jones

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Transferring the skills

Simon Jones talks to Specsavers hearing aid dispenser Steve Powell about his transition from optics to audiology