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Optometry at DIT

Declan Hovenden explains how optometry is taught at the Dublin Institute of Technology

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Leadership in optics

A new course in leadership aims to give optical professionals the skills they need to meet the challenges ahead.

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Developing a career in optics

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers supports a variety of career progression routes. Gordon Jones gives some examples of career development and the qualifications available.

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The positive promoter

By investing in technology and support and building partnerships with eye care practitioners, Claire Ferguson believes Johnson & Johnson can grow the contact lens sector. Chris Bennett reports

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Out of the dark

Optometry offers opportunities outside the consulting room, especially for female practitioners, some of whom offer advice borne of experience. John Charlton reports

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Vision guardians

Becoming a trustee of Vision Aid Overseas can open up new opportunities for skill-sharing abroad and changing people's lives in the developing world. Optician talks to David Parkins about how his skills have made a difference

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Location, location, location

Earlier this year Optician carried out research to try to understand what motivates optical professionals to work where they do. The objective of the Specsavers-sponsored survey was to quantify the salaries earned by opticians and to measure the importance of other working conditions such as location and career progression. The research went on to determine how far optical practitioners worked from their place of education, home town and extended family.

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Returning to practice

Continuing our series on issues for women in the profession, Bernie Ursell looks at support for women returners

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Women of Vision: Mind the pay gap

Continuing our series on women's issues in the profession, John Charlton takes a closer look at the salary findings of the recent survey reporting on women in the workplace

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Food for thought

Strong opinions on the role of women in the profession emerged at a dinner in London to launch the findings of the Women of Vision survey. Alison Ewbank and Bernie Ursell report

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One in five likely to leave the profession

Nearly one in five optometrists and dispensing opticians say they are likely to leave the profession over the next five years according to the findings of a new survey conducted by Optician and CIBA Vision.

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Women of Vision survey

In our second article reporting on women in the workplace, Alison Ewbank looks at their motivation for entering the profession, the elements of work they most enjoy and their plans for the future