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Paid leave entitlement

As peak holiday season approaches, Andrea London recaps the law around paid leave entitlement

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GDPR one year on

GDPR has been with us for over a year now. Ann Bevitt outlines the key aspects to look out for as enforcement is ramped up

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HR File: Wish you were here

Following a European Court of Justice ruling relating to accrued holiday, employers should take steps to protect themselves while the UK remains in the European Union, says Katherine Newman

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The gender pay gap

Figures from leading optical suppliers show that women’s pay continues to lag behind their male counterparts. Zoe Wickens delves deeper into the numbers

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Want committed employees?

It is often said that there is a limit to loyalty in organisations but does loyalty really matter, asks Ali Fenwick

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Recruitment problems

Recent research has revealed vacancies for optometrists are often open for long periods of time. Zoe Wickens asks optical recruiters and employers why

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HR file: Change for the better

Tim Scott says a company’s culture can’t be changed overnight by writing a policy or issuing a memo, but it can be influenced to change over time

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HR file: Reference point

Rhiannon Jenkins considers the key points when providing or asking for a reference following new Acas guidance

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HR file: Green credentials

Where companies are going wrong in their ethical stance, how this can affect them and what can be done to make businesses start thinking green for the right reasons. Gideon Schulman reports

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HR file: Sticky situation

Experts are predicting that this summer will be one of the hottest on record, but what can the sweltering conditions mean for employers. Jo Stubbs reports

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Get the best out of your team

The skills that make you into a great boss are the same ones that facilitate an engaging culture, say James Manktelow and Julian Birkinshaw

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In focus: Employment rights

The ‘gig economy’ has become a talking point once again after a self-employed plumber emerged triumphant from a Supreme Court case last week. Joe Ayling reports

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Accentuate the positive

Optimism is nothing more than a set of mental habits and routines that anyone can learn, says Jo Owen

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In focus: The Gender pay gap

As the gender pay gap debate rages on, the UK’s leading optical chains last week met a government deadline to disclose how much they were paying male and female optical staff. Joe Ayling reports