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HR file: Supporting employees

Kate Pearlman-Shaw says without effective support for menopausal employees organisations risk losing or alienating key talent

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Bad weather absence

William Cowell considers whether pay can or should be withheld if employees can’t get to work

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Fixed term staff

Charlotte Marshall outlines what you need to consider taking on fixed-term Christmas staff

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How to avoid a spectacle

Tina Chander considers the employment pitfalls of the work Christmas party and how to avoid them through careful planning

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HR file: Work routines

The meaning employees attach to established routines and rituals can be sorely underappreciated says Pete Thomas

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Gender pay gap reporting

While the regulations target large organisations, companies of all sizes can take steps to close their gap, says Gideon Schulman

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In focus: Locums

Increased locum working within optics is representative of a more flexible approach to employment across the UK labour market, with a new report urging government to adapt to the ‘gig economy’. Joe Ayling reports

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HR file: Effects of accents

Even when speaking the same language, subtle differences in speaking styles can have persistent effects say Gazi Islam and Marcello Russo

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HR file: Dress codes

The ECJ has decided it is not religious discrimination to ban Islamic headscarves at work. But care must still be taken says Alan Price

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Staff pensions

How should you select the best pension provider for your business and employees? Tony Britton offers some guidance

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HR file: Alcohol awareness

Many people drink without realising the damaging effects. Employers have an important role to play, says Elaine Hindal

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HR file: Older workers

Anna Dixon says older workers are key to the UK’s productivity: here’s how employers can make the most of their benefits

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HR file: Maternity leave

Karen Jackson and Pritti Bajaria outline the best management methods to help women return to work after starting a family