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Routine eye examination

In the last in our series, looking at the eye examination, Bill Harvey and Andy Franklin describe the best way to communicate the outcome and the legal implications of gathering clinically sensitive data

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January sales law

The January sales are about to get under way in earnest this week, and some optical practitioners will be offering discounts. Stuart Ponting gives a guide to advertising the sale items legally

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Order of change

Professor Nizar Hirji and Roderick Clarkson explain the implications of the recent Opticians Act amendment for eye care practitioners

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Mystery shop: No ...

Six months after Optician published the results of its mystery shopping among internet contact lens suppliers, Chris Bennett, Rory Brogan, Alison Ewbank, Shannon McKenzie and Emma White repeated the exercise to determine whether businesses are now complying with the law. Here’s what they found.

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Changes in the law

Lost in a maze of registering for websites and counting points? OPTCIAN begins a short series answering frequently asked questions on different aspects of CET. This week we look at what statutory CET is and how it is being enforced