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EC approves takeover

Andrew McClean reports on the conditions detailed in the European Commission’s review of the proposed takeover

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Seven Ways: Minimising contact

Bill Harvey speaks to Mike Hale about seven ways to use instruments, equipment and software to help minimise patient contact time in practice and keep as much distance between patients and staff as possible

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In Focus: Phased reopening

Yiannis Kotoulas examines the new NHS Wales advice on how practices should implement social distancing once they re-open

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Post-pandemic manifesto

A manifesto for the future of eye care services has been launched in anticipation of a backlog of patients requiring treatment after coronavirus. Andrew McClean reports on how the AIO thinks primary care optometry can help

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Multiple responds to Radio 4

A recent Radio 4 consumer report claimed Optical Express patients felt pressured into having procedures. Andrew McClean looks at the fake news fall out

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Drivers’ vision regulation

Yiannis Kotoulas reports on the optical profession’s call for more rigorous driving eyesight rules during Road Safety Week

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Compulsory eye tests

Zoe Wickens reports on the latest government road safety statement which has been broadly welcomed by optical professional bodies

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GDPR one year on

GDPR has been with us for over a year now. Ann Bevitt outlines the key aspects to look out for as enforcement is ramped up

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Avastin ruling

A ruling in favour of 12 CCGs is an important win for AMD sufferers and the health service, reports Sean Rai-Roche

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The Honey Rose trial fallout

Widespread media coverage of the tragic death of a young patient following a missed referral has left its mark on the profession, despite his parents’ wish not to damage the reputation of optometrists. Joe Ayling reports on the continued fallout from a landmark trial for the profession and wider medical sector