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Domiciliary: Home safety

Mike Hale finds out how the provision of domiciliary eye care has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

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Attitudes versus action

Kamlesh Chauhan tells Andrew McClean why reiterating the importance of eye exams during the pandemic is important

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In Focus: Noting concerns

A group of optical organisations have noted their concerns with the GOC’s Education Strategic Review. Yiannis Kotoulas reports

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The surface of the world

Bill Harvey reports on a virtual conference organised by TFOS that offered a fascinating snapshot of the various challenges to ocular surface health from a wide range of countries around the world

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Changing methods of care

A statement on the use of technology and equipment during Covid-19 has been issued by the GOC. Andrew McClean takes a look at what registrants should consider

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In Focus: Into the unknown

Andrew McClean asks what a joint vision created by the College of Optometrists and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists means for eye care services during and post-Covid-19

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Barrier breaking IT

A new IT platform rolled out by Primary Eye Services could break down some of the barriers between primary care optical practices and hospital eye services. Andrew McClean reports

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Covid: Evolving eye care

Mike Hale speaks to three independent practices about lockdown experiences, moving beyond essential eye care provision and the new normal

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In Focus: Speaking as one

Locsu’s annual report for 2018-19 notes how the optical sector must be well organised to meet challenges presented by changes to the NHS. Andrew McClean reports