Members of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) were welcomed to their organisation’s first online Consultation Day on November 15.

Updates were provided by ABDO president Jo Holmes and general secretary Sir Anthony Garret, with questions also received from attendees on support for locums, the impact of the GOC’s Education Strategic Review and how to respond to patients who refused to wear a mask.

Holmes welcomed Keith Cavaye, Heather Hows and Lynda Matthias as ABDO Benevolent Fund trustees, explaining that their ‘life experiences and opinion will be greatly valued within the group.’

ABDO has also announced a new series of regional meetings to take place throughout December.

Debbie McGill, ABDO's head of policy, explained: 'This new series of meetings sets the way for ABDO to engage with members going forward in 2021. It is your chance to meet your regional team, who are on hand to support you locally.'

The events have been planned as online consultations, but McGill indicated that ABDO's hope was that 2021 would provide opportunities for the Association to offer in-person events.

A full recording of the online Consultation Day has been posted online at

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