The Association of British Dispensing Opticians’ National Resource Centre (ABDO’s NRC) has launched its sustainability policy, pledging commitments for the next year.

It outlined that the NRC will be completing the ABDO sustainability self-assessment, with updates every six months, as well as ensuring responsible, ethical and social responsibility across its supply chain, the recycling of contact lenses from examinations, and a five percent cut to its carbon footprint each year.

The NRC said the workplace is managed and maintained in a way that provides an example to staff and visitors of how to be more environmentally conscious. This included a focus on sustainable procurement, reduction of waste and use of paper, reuse and recycling of packaging and bags, and consideration of eco-friendly commuting methods.

Rebecca Jasper, NRC’s sustainability champion, commented: ‘It’s exciting to be the sustainability champion here at the NRC and to lead change within the team to help actively reduce our impact on the environment. Right now, we are encouraging all our visitors to be green. We already have a lot of sustainable resources in place, and I am always looking for ways to improve what we offer.’