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Times change, and we change with them. Though I have previously advocated increased recruitment to the profession, I confess that I now subscribe to the laissez faire school. Student intake is now buoyant and the beneficial effects are already being felt. In this respect, I also take on board Andrew Jarvis's view regarding the public's present ease in obtaining early sight-testing appointments (Letters, January 19).

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Nemo should be our inspiration

For some time now I have given up reading Nemo's column. It surprises and depresses me that one of the top optometry journals should publish material so obviously anti-optometrist. Just one of many examples of Nemo's views comes from years ago where he spotted a new change on the distant horizon. One practice had opened up and it was owned and run by an OMP and dispensing optician. At the time Nemo was heralding this as a new norm for optics. Wrong again Nemo.

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EIS drives home message on fees

A news item appeared in the November 17 issue of optician entitled 'Multiple wipes money off drivers' sight test', which implies that the Eyecare Information Service supports discounted eye examination fees for drivers. This is not the case. On the contrary, the EIS has always promoted the fact that current average eye examination fees represent excellent value for half-an-hour of a professional's time and experience; any reduction or discounting of fees would make it extremely difficult for independent practitioners to compete with the major multiples, thus restricting the choice that presently exists in the marketplace - to the ultimate disadvantage of all patients.

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Eye Care Practice of the Year

The optician Eye Care Awards cover a whole range of areas of importance to the growth and development of the profession and the advancement of primary eye care. This encompasses the quality of eye care for elderly patients, staff training, access to new practice technologies and equipment and the increasingly essential skills of patient management.

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Log on to Hoya order offer

Hoya has launched its new 'Windows Hoyalog' system, an online ordering and remote edging system which allows customers to order 'at the click of a button'.

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Black and white

It is not all that long since movers and shakers at a College of Optometrists' AGM, incensed at the availability of free or discounted sight testing, forced a motion that ophthalmic opticians guilty of such heinous behaviour should be charged with unprofessional conduct, thereby prejudicing their continuing membership of the organisation. Common sense prevailed, however, and College policy makers, more attuned to political realities, discreetly pigeon-holed this daft proposal. One can well imagine the likely consequences in a consumer society had it not done so.

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Optometrist wins CET prize

Caroline Hilstead is pictured receiving her camcorder prize for winning a 'Low vision quiz', sponsored by Biocompatibles Proclear Compatibles. The quiz was held at the South Mimms Vision Express CET evening last November. Ms Hilstead is the optometrist at the Vision Express optical lab in Milton Keynes.

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Infirm and invisible

Once again the Royal National Institute for the Blind has succeeded in identifying and bringing to the nation's attention a major eye care issue in its latest report, Unseen and Forgotten.