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Boots sales fall 10% in first half

Restructuring, market competition and the negative image of laser eye surgery were last week blamed for the 10 per cent fall in sales for one of retail optics' big players.

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Plano publicity

Further publicity against the unregulated sale of cosmetic contact lenses emerged this week.

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Visual demands and risks in sport

In the last of our series on sporting issues, Peter Smith reports the need for greater awareness among sports players for eye protection

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The patient's story

Nita Odedra describes how best to give early support to newly diagnosed people with visual problems

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The 2003 annual meeting of the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) was held in Alicante in the Palacio de Congresos from October 8-11. Richard Allen reports

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Seven secretsof paediatric examination

Alex Buller and Gerald Naylor describe some ophthalmic paediatric examination techniques that are not often included in textbooks but which are helpful in overcoming the challenges that can be encountered when examining children

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Why I joined the BCLA

The BCLA is a unique organisation representing contact lens professionals from all disciplines. Here contact lens optician Shelly Bansal describes how becoming a member has benefited him and his practice in Pinner, northwest London

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Pioneers demonstrate eye care of tomorrow

Efforts to find the 'holy grail' of countering the eye's biological clock will be discussed by specialists Emanuel Rosen and Professor Roger Buckley at a special lecture this month.

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Children in Surrey offered faster service

Croydon Local Optometric Committee has started a paediatric screening service aimed at making optical services for children more efficient and delivering quicker access.

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How Owl got wise to contact lenses

Continuing our series on successful contact lens practice, optician visits Stratford-upon-Avon to talk to Dr Ian Moss of Owl Optical, a 13-practice group with locations from Guernsey to County Durham

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External eye disease and the DO

Bill Harvey provides the answers to CET Module A1489 (Dispensing Supplement May 21) which qualifies for one credit in ABDO's CET scheme