A smartphone app that enables eye care professionals to remotely monitor the eye health of patients has been launched by Bristol-based company Okko Health.

Founded by optometrist Dr Stephanie Campbell, the app has been developed to provide personalised and remote care in between physical appointments.

Campbell said: ‘We never imagined we would be launching this product in the middle of a pandemic. But, we’re optimistic about the positive impact that this software will have on the most vulnerable groups of patients. With our app they can now track key indicators of their eye health from the safety of their own homes. I have no doubt this technology will be a sight-saver for many.’

The app uses sensors in smartphones, currently only iPhones, to measure key visual indicators and is paired with a web-based portal that can be accessed by eye care professionals to identify patients in need of face-to-face appointments.

Okko Health’s app is devised like a video game where patients tap on visual cues and anomalies in patterns, from which the software derives visual acuity and sensitivity to contrast.

Measurements are analysed over time to provide insights into the stability of a variety of eye conditions and provide an early warning system for patients who need urgent medical interventions.

It has taken four years to develop and protect the technology used in the app, which has met CE-marked standards and is certified by British Standards for the development and manufacture of software to monitor vision.