Azul Optics has joined forces with BIB to exclusively distribute its MP-eye in the UK.

The MP-eye is a macular pigment assessment device, which will assess the density of pigmentation across the macula, grouping patients into high, medium and low categories. It will also provide lifestyle recommendations such as the need for blue block lenses, sunglasses and dietary supplements.

Tim Baker, BIB’s CEO, said: ‘We are very excited and proud to be involved with sales and distribution of… the MP-eye. Eye care professionals that have been using the device in their practices have told us that the MP-eye has encouraged patients to take action on what they can do to protect their long-term eye health.’

Dr Shelby Temple of Azul Optics added: ‘BIB have a focus on innovative technologies and by partnering with them we feel we’ve created the right team to bring the MP-eye to the UK market.’