BBR Optometry in Hereford arranged for a donation of Peli-Robson charts to the University Eye Clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The contrast sensitivity charts are essential in meeting the low vision needs of the country, where poor eyesight is more prevalent among children than the elderly and interior segment and media issues predominate due to the prevalence of infection and trauma.

The clinic, run by Lynett Masiwa, who trained as an OO at Dublin Institute of Technology and completed an MSc at Cardiff University, met BBR director Nick Rumney at a contact lens conference in South Africa.

Upon hearing there were no Peli-Robson charts in the country, Rumney began to track some down. Haag-Streit’s Dean Johnson told Rumney the company was no longer making the charts, but advised that Precision Vision in the US were now producing them. The company kindly donated two charts, which are now on their way to Harare thanks to the kind donation from DX Ireland.