A CET-accredited course on dry eye has been created by the BCLA.

Launching in October, the programme will focus on clinical skills for ocular surface health, working towards a dry eye certificate on completion of the course.

The programme, free for BCLA members, will be available to BCLA members from October 2017 and needs to be renewed every four years.

BCLA chief executive Cheryl Donnelly said: ‘We are confident this course will help guide practitioners to improve their skills in managing the dry eye and managing ocular surface health whilst ensuring the retention of contact lens patients in practice and minimise drop outs due to discomfort.

‘The programme forms part of BCLA ‘s commitment to supporting its members, who will be able to access all online materials required for this course free of charge.’

The certificate can be achieved by any optometrist or CLO who attains six credits, from five online modules and one relevant dry eye or OSH workshop, peer review or lecture, and a final OSCE style examination.