A book launch was held at Specsavers Beeston on July 13 for 11-year-old Lowri Moore’s debut novel, Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses.

Moore, who is a lifelong Specsavers patient, wrote the book after she received no response to a letter sent to Disney asking them to create more glasses-wearing princesses.

‘I want people to feel confident in their glasses and that’s essentially what the book is about,’ Moore said.

‘Growing up, I’d look at princesses and they’d never be wearing glasses, it made me think I wasn’t good enough because I wore them. Eventually, I realised that this wasn’t the case at all and so I wanted to help other people, who may have been experiencing similar thoughts to me, to feel better about themselves,’ she added.

The book tells the story of a princess who doesn’t like wearing spectacles because she thinks she’s not beautiful but comes to realise that wearing glasses makes no difference to how she is perceived.

Sales of the book will support the charity Operation Orphan, with 30% of the profits used to enable orphans and vulnerable child to access eye care.