Essilor has partnered with the Royal Government of Bhutan in an effort to make it the first country in the world to eradicate poor vision thanks to the delivery of 10,000 ophthalmic frames for use in its Bhutan School Sight program.

Operated by the country’s Ministry of Health, the Bhutan School Sight program is already under way and offers free vision screening for all students aged six to 18, providing those with poor visual acuity with free glasses. The adult screening program will begin in 2020.

Starting from the last quarter of 2019, nearly 200 health assistants will be trained to conduct basic visual acuity tests, distribute simple reading glasses and direct patients with vision correction needs to eye health practitioners. These health assistants will be able to conduct vision screenings for the residents in their communities.

Chairman of Essilor, Hubert Sagnières, said: ‘Good vision transforms more than just a person’s health and wellbeing – it reduces inequalities and positively impacts the daily lives of individuals, their families and their communities through their ability to learn, work and be safe. Simply put, improving sight improves lives and will help advance the country’s Gross National Happiness Index.’