To celebrate Braemar Finance’s 30-year anniversary, it has set an employee step fundraising challenge, supporting charities such as the Guide Dogs.

A group of 28 staff have split into teams of four to compete for the highest number of steps taken between 29 May and 29 June.

The company will match donations up to £3,000 in total across all three charities (£1,000 per charity), for chosen charities: Bridge2aid, which trains people in dental health, veterinary charity, Blue Cross, and optical charity, Guide Dogs, which helps provide support for the blind.

Aileen Boyle, managing director at Braemar Finance, said: ‘To say we have a competitive team in Braemar Finance would be an understatement. There are already reports of team members walking the munros mountains over the weekend, and some even ‘having’ to play more golf than normal to maintain those steps.

‘We’re very proud of having supported the professions over the past three decades with vital funding solutions through all economic cycles, which has contributed to the growth of many dental, veterinary, optical and associated healthcare businesses across the UK and Ireland.’