Brits have underestimated how much they’ll spend on glasses and contact lenses in their lifetime by £12,000.

New research by Optegra investigated the lifetime costs and satisfaction rates of eyewear and health in over 1,000 adults who need vision aids. It was discovered that they think they spend £5,045.89 on their eyes during their lifetime, whereas the figure is actually £17,471.16.

Further findings highlighted that 29% of Brits have no idea how much they’ll spend on eyecare over a lifetime, and 50% of glasses wearers and 56% of daily contact lens wearers aren’t completely satisfied with their eye care.

Sundeep Vaswani, eye sciences clinical research associate at Optegra, said: ‘I’m sure a large proportion of Brits will be surprised to discover the huge lifetime cost of eye care wear, despite many feeling dissatisfied with the products they are using. The lifetime costs of glasses and daily contact lenses dwarf the costs of laser eye surgery or other forms of vision correction such as lens replacement.’