Guidance for providers of cataract services has been published by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, which included a calculator tool that predicted staffing requirements to meet demand.

The Royal College highlighted that a redesign of cataract services in the UK was underway to increase capacity by streamlining pathways and integration with primary care optometry.

In recognition of this, guidance has been created to support local eye health systems to meet in increasing demand for cataract surgery in a joined-up, sustainable, Covid-safe way.

Jonathan Bhargava, chair of the Cataract Workforce Guidance Development Group, said: ‘To deliver the redesigned model pathways, workforce planning and training are crucial to ensure the right staff are in place within the hospital eye service and wider eye health system.

‘Workforce planning should be based on accurate data based on demand and take into account a range of factors, such as case complexity, staff training, theatre time and the care pathways between primary and secondary care’.

Guidance provides information for hospital staff and a workforce calculator for determining the staff needed to deliver community and hospital-based cataract pathways.