Noel Gallagher (Brian Rasik/Rex)

Noel Gallagher (Brian Rasik/Rex)

A blog hosted by the College of Optometrists has urged rock star Noel Gallagher to visit an optometrist after he told press he was losing his vision.

Gallagher reportedly told The Sun newspaper: ‘I do need glasses. But I’m going to wait until I walk into a restaurant and accidentally kiss other women while my wife is at another table before I do anything about it.’

Contributing to the College blog feed, optometrist Daniel Hardiman-McCartney said the likelihood was the guitarist was affected by presbyopia.

He wrote: ‘What should Noel do? Does he have to live with blur? Well, before he ends up kissing the wrong woman, he could visit his optometrist, who will complete an eye examination, check the health of his eyes and confirm if presbyopia is indeed the cause of Noel’s ailing sight.’

Hardiman-McCartney that Gallagher would be joining the likes of John Lennon, Jarvis Cocker and Johnny Depp should he choose to don a pair of spectacles.

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