An announcement that it is safe to visit an optometrist was made by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Scotland as part of National Eye Health Week (September 21-27).

The charity said it was necessary to avoid the ‘ticking time bomb’ of preventable sight loss that could happen if people neglect regular sight tests because of the pandemic.

RNIB Scotland has created a series of photographs of iconic Scottish landmarks that have been distorted by the effects of commons sight loss conditions.

James Adams, director of RNIB Scotland, said: ‘We want to illustrate the potential consequences of not maintaining good eye-health.

‘Some people have expressed concern over attending optometrist or eye clinic appointments or are worried about using public transport to get there. We’ve even heard some people say they don't want to bother optometrists during this crisis period.

‘Every survey shows that sight is the sense people fear losing most. And yet we can be surprisingly complacent about our eyes. During National Eye Health Week, we want to remind everyone to take care one of the most precious things we have – our sight.’Dundee Tay Bridge viewed with AMD