Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham has featured in a BBC One documentary because of a surgery performed on Amreeta Aujla, 27, which saw her sight restored.

‘One Day that Changed my Life’ covered the life of Aujla, a radiographer at the Royal Stoke University Hospital, who had suffered from poor vision since the age of 10.

She had relied on glasses and contact lenses for most of her life and was told her prescription was too strong for laser eye surgery. Despondent at the thought of living life with poor vision, Aujla explored the option of implantable contact lenses (ICL) with Optegra.

An ICL is a miniscule soft lens that is placed in the eye between the eye’s natural lens and the iris, or between the iris and the cornea, and is practically invisible.

‘I really wanted to travel and knew that from air con on planes to not being able to see when swimming, it would be so hard with contacts and glasses. Now I have had the treatment, the world is my oyster,’ said Aujla.

The documentary, which aired today, follows Aujla’s story from before surgery, to the day she had it, and then the following results that saw her gain 20:20 vision.

She has since travelled to Thailand, Bali and Australia. ‘I'm so grateful to have had my eyes done before leaving, it has been a real blessing,’ added Aujla.