Tuesday morning marked the first full day of enhanced measures to increase social distancing in everyday life with advice recommending optical practices close for routine eye examinations.

A Covid-19 forum has been set up for optical professionals to share and air questions and seek advice. The forum is being curated by Optix Software but is independent and non-commercial. To join go to https://optixforum.uk/.

Among the topics under discussion was the advice from NHS England on personal protection equipment (PPE) for staff seeing emergencies. Forum members were perturbed by the idea that they should examine patients without PPE. The consensus was PPE should be used.

A thread on receiving goods also emerged as practices were receiving mixed messages on Hayes deliveries. Hayes has reassured practices that for the moment deliveries will continue.

Requests for information on rent holidays and furloughing staff were met with practical help from fellow forum members who shared templates that could be used along with accompanying advice.