Date eyewear exhibition took place in Florence on September 10-12 with 100 companies from around the world and 170 brands, plus more than 1,500 visitors.

Its sister event, Milano Eyewear Design Day (MEDD), will also be held on October 17 for all members of the public and aims to provide ‘a space for creative exchange and reflection on design in its purest state’, with a focus on the history of eyewear.

President of Date, Giovanni Vitaloni, said the 2022 event was celebrating its 10th anniversary: ‘It’s a milestone for an event that has grown and gained prominence in the panorama of industry events, but also because this year we have planned a sister event in Milan.

‘We are pleased with the outcome and with the quality of the professionals ‒ both exhibitors and visitors ‒ who participated. Again this year, DaTE delivered the best our independent eyewear market has to offer, staying true to its mission as an exhibition of the avantgarde.’