Daysoft has created the most powerful daily disposable contact lenses on the market with a prescription of -25.00D.

The daily disposable contact lens manufacturer increased the power range of its Daysoft 58 daily disposable contact lenses after receiving a letter from a 73-year-old woman in Scotland with a prescription of -24.00D who had considerable difficulty wearing monthly replacement soft lenses.

Daysoft founder Ron Hamilton asked engineers at his factory in Blantyre to produce a prototype which was created within a few days.

The patient, Elizabeth Gallacher from East Kilbride, who suffers from progressive myopia, reported better ocular comfort and vision a few months after changing to daily disposables as well as appreciating the convenience.

Daysoft has now launched a full range of high-minus daily disposable lenses to -25.00D, meaning the range extends from +8.00 to -25.00D.

The new lenses are double the lens power of the previous most powerful daily disposable contact lenses on the market -12.50D, also made by Daysoft.

The lenses are available in 0.25D steps from +7.00 to -7.00D and in 0.50D steps from -7.50 to -25.00D as well as +7.50 and +8.00D and are available now to UK practitioners.