The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and the Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) have teamed up to release a joint guide for further education providers on how to support blind and partially sighted students.

Guidance on information, resources and help that further education providers can offer to students is included in the guide.

‘It is absolutely vital that blind and partially sighted young people are able to reach their full potential in education,’ said TPT’s student support manager, Tara Chattaway. ‘Sadly, at the moment this is not always the case due to a lack of the right support in further education.

‘This can often lead to students remaining stuck in further education moving from course to course with no clear path to progression, not due to their talent or ability, but due to being failed by not receiving the support they need.’

RNIB’s principal education officer, Caireen Sutherland, added: ‘Blind and partially sighted students have the same ability, aspirations and potential as their fully-sighted peers. However, there are often obstacles to their learning at further education, blocking them from securing their best possible future and achieving the success they deserve.’

The guidance is available to download here: