Essilor and Groupe Renault have joined forces to raise awareness about the importance of good vision to road safety.

The two year agreement will explore innovatgive solutions to improve drivers’ visual experience.

The two-part programme aims to increase awareness and poor vision detection campaigns among Renault customers and employees, while also improving the combined vision and driving experience through cross-expertise and product innovation.

Essilor chief executive office Laurent Vacherot, said: ‘This collaboration with Groupe Renault promises to drive outcomes that will improve people’s vision on the road. We are certain this partnership between two leaders in their field creates a unique opportunity to mobilise public awareness across a broader audience.’

Nadine Leclair, SVP expert fellow of Groupe Renault, said: ‘With this leading cross-sector collaboration with Essilor, we want to highlight the importance of vision for drivers and improve further our knowledge on the matter.’

The partnership cited research that showed one in five drivers in the world have uncorrected poor vision and 90% of the information needed to drive comes from vision. They also expect this figure to increase in future with the development of smart and connected devices.