Essilor will live stream the launch of the 8th generation of Varilux lens on 22nd May and has invited the optical industry to hear about how the latest iteration will help millions of presbyopes in the UK.

Using a Near Vision Behaviour (NVB) measuring protocol, the new lens will help people regain visual agility to create the ‘ultimate vision experience,’ said Essilor.

Essilor UK head of marketing, Jonathan Cohen added: ‘Essilor is re-inventing near vision at arm’s length and we’re delighted that we can invite the whole of the optical industry to virtually join our launch event. It really is an exciting time for the industry as we enter into a new age for lenses.’

The launch will feature experts discussing how the needs of presybyopes have changed since previous generations and how these visual demands have been met.

Join the live streamed launch event by visiting at 11.15am on Monday May 22 2017.