Funding for research into the genetic causes of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been provided by sight loss charity Fight for Sight with the support of TP ICAP.

Researchers explained that the study would investigate which chromosomes cause AMD with the intention of identifying a possible new treatment for the disease.

Dr Felix Grassmann, the study’s leader at the University of Aberdeen, explained: ‘There is evidence that the risk of developing AMD is linked to a deterioration of chromosomes in immune cells found in the blood.’

The study’s leaders planned to examine the chromosomes of these immune cells in people with macular degeneration to determine whether there was a pattern that could be used to identify those most at risk of vision loss.

Ikram Dahman, interim chief executive at Fight for Sight, commented: ‘We look forward to learning the outcomes of Dr Grassmann’s study, which could pave the way for advancements in AMD treatment and improve the quality of life for all people living with this devastating condition.’