British contact lens wearers have been putting their eyesight at risk due to unsafe contact lens habits according to poll results.

Charity Fight for Sight enlisted YouGov to carry out the poll, which revealed that 54% of those surveyed admitted to swimming or showering in contact lenses.

15% had put contact lenses in their mouth to clean them, potentially increasing the risk of developing acanthamoeba keratitis which can lead to blindness.

Director of research, policy and innovation at Fight for Sight, Dr Neil Ebenezer said: ‘People who wear contact lenses need to make sure they thoroughly wash and dry their hands before handling them, and should avoid wearing them while swimming, face washing or bathing.

'Contact lens manufacturers should also do their part by making the no water message clearer on all contact lens packaging and accompanying literature, and this message should be re-emphasised by opticians to ensure patients follow this important advice.’