The next generation of a device developed by UK startup GiveVision will be produced alongside the Sony UK Technology Centre (Sony UK Tec), after the companies partnered.

GiveVision was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing an advanced low vision aid for those with incurable sight loss. Its prototype product, SightPlus, works as an advanced digital magnifier and pair of binoculars, helping those with visual impairments to live more independently.

A recent study on the effectiveness of the SightPlus device conducted at Moorfields Eye Hospital found that 70% of users reported their visual acuity was enhanced to a normal level of vision. Of 60 participants, 59 found that SightPlus improved their visual acuity by an average of six lights on a sight test chart.

GiveVision will now work with Sony UK Tec to develop and manufacture a new, lightweight version of SightPlus resembling a pair of glasses. Stan Karpenko, CEO of GiveVision, commented: ‘Having access to Sony’s world-beating technology, as well as their manufacturing skills and resources, will allow our company to launch and scale our products at speed across global markets.’