A total of 392 practitioners were removed from the GOC register for failing to meet their CET requirements.

The GOC also reported that a further 40 optometrists and 58 dispensing opticians were removed from the register, as they failed to renew their registration before the March 31 deadline.

Marcus Dye, GOC head of standards and CET, said: ‘As the optical professions change rapidly, it is more vital than ever that optical practitioners keep their skills and knowledge up to date, so they can continue to deliver high standards of care to their patients.’

Yeslin Gearty, GOC head of registration, added: ‘A very small number of registrants failed to renew by the deadline and have therefore left themselves unable to practise in the UK and will also be removed from the NHS Practitioners List. I would urge any practitioner, who wishes to restore to the register to start the restoration process as quickly as possible.’