Haag-Streit UK has rolled out AngioVueHD, a high-density OCT angiography (OCT-A) imaging solution that it said would provide significant improvement in the resolution and peripheral visualisation of vasculature in the eye.

AngioVueHD imaging was said to provide OCT-A scans with 73% more sampling points, offering the clinician with a high resolution 6mm x 6mm scan and improved clarity by approximately 33% over the existing field-of-view.

In conjunction with the launch of HD imaging, Optovue has also launched AngioVueHD Montage, which automatically combines two HD images, one at the central macula region and the other centred at the optic disc in a 10mm x 6mm field-of-view. The company said this functionality would be useful for imaging vasculature in potential pathologies that may extend into the periphery of the imaging plane.