Responding to concerns about health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus crisis, the Hakim Group has published a document entitled ‘How to FISH during Covid-19’ for practice staff.

FISH stands for Finding Inner Self Happiness, with the document recommending a number of tips for physical and mental wellbeing while working at home. Keeping a routine with meals, drinking plenty of water and cooking something new are all suggested as ways to keep healthy while routine has been disrupted.

Mental health is also addressed, with the Hakim Group recommending that video conferencing be used to stay in touch with family and friends. Being creative, learning a new skill and getting tasks done are also put forward as ways to maintain a good level of mental health.

The Hakim Group’s Mike Hughes explains in the foreword: ‘Our aim has always been to help our team learn how to FISH. This guide has been created to support you and your families through these challenging times caused by coronavirus.’

As well as tips around eating, exercise and staying socially connected, a range of financial information has been included. Up to date information on banking, renting, energy bills and pensions has been included, with specific advice on Hakim Group payslips and the company’s employee assistance programme also present.

The advice can be accessed at