Hoya Lens UK has released new progressive lens Lifestyle 3, which it said had been designed for the challenges facing today’s presbyopes who lead active lives and multitask with tablets.

To meet these needs, Lifestyle 3 includes three design variants – Indoor, Outdoor and Urban. The options make it possible to customise the lens according to specific needs, without the need for complicated consultations, said Hoya. A few simple questions with the patient is all it takes to select the correct design.

In addition, the lens features Hoya’s Binocular Harmonisation Technology, which helps manage asthenopic complaints caused by visual imbalances from differences in power between lenses that affects the position of light rays passing through.

The right and left prescription are considered as individual components, defining the required binocular lens design and calculating the necessary progressive distribution for each individual eye.

Lifestyle 3 is available now and will replace the Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V+ lenses.