Topcon welcomed 300 optical professionals to its annual National OCT Conference in London last month

Held at the Paddington Hotel from November 19-20, organisers said that numbers were on a par with previous conferences.

CET points were available through seminar and workshop sessions on topics including Starting out in OCT, Scleral Lens Fitting, Angiography in Retinal Diseases and 3D Virtual Reality (see picture).

Topcon said afterwards that ophthalmologists and optometrists in attendance were excited about OCT Angiography as ‘potentially as much of a game changer for eyecare as OCT was when it first came out 20 years ago’.

In addition to routine eye exams, it said the technology was increasingly being applied to the care of patients with AMD, diabetes, glaucoma, uveitis, imaging corneal dystrophies and other injuries.

More to follow from the discussions in a forthcoming issue of Optician.