The Independents Day (iDay) optical conference, held in Birmingham on July 4, focused on myopia management and included sessions on lessons learned, building awareness and pricing models.

Keynote speakers included US practitioner Gary Gerber and eye care marketing expert Matt Oerding, who co-founded Treehouse Eyes – a group of myopia management practices in the US – and discussed the importance of educating communities on the disease and how to market myopia treatment to make it commercially viable.

Other sessions were led by UK practitioners, Nick Dash, Sarah Farrant, Indie Grewal and Bhavin Shah, which explored cases of patients’ journeys, treatments used, and myopia control advice.

Optometrist Sarah Morgan led a session that highlighted the need for earlier eye exams with children to identify potentially myopic patients and explored the best age to assess pre-myopic children to ensure early treatment.

Craig McArthur, optometrist, director and co-owner of Peter Ivins Eye Care, held a session that outlined why using monthly subscription-based fees was the most effective pricing model for myopia healthcare services.

Speaker Nick Dash, optometrist and myopia specialist, told how practitioners have a professional obligation and opportunity to provide myopia management and it was not only about prescribing treatment but also about managing the lifestyle of patients to help slow progression.

‘The clock is always ticking on myopia, and delaying treatment may result in increased progression,’ he added.