New Glasgow dispensing practice Mika & Me has been inspired by optical practices in Japan, said its owners, brother and sister Barry Hutcheon and Wendy Bremner.

It offered high quality aspheric lenses as standard, with simple price structures, digital fitting and a fast turnaround, with sight testing not currently provided.

Hutcheon, who came from a family of opticians, used to live in Japan and was interested in why Britain and Japan differed in how they sold eyewear.

‘I enjoyed the experience of buying glasses in Japan and liked the simplicity of pricing and that the flat, thin lenses were sold as standard but as important was the speed which you got your glasses back. Single vision in 20 minutes is normal,’ Hutcheon told Optician.

Hutcheon explained that aspheric lenses dominate the market in Asia because they are thinner, flatter and lighter.

By fitting customers digitally, they can collect their frames in under an hour. Mika & Me has long term ambitions to expand across the country and to launch its own eyewear range later this year.

Hutcheon added: ‘It is our belief that Mika & Me will revolutionise the approach to purchasing glasses here in Britain.’