Glasses worn by Jeremy Corbyn for his new year message caught the attention of mainstream media, with his new frames likened to those worn by civil rights campaigner Malcom X.

An article in The Telegraph reported how Corbyn’s ‘trendy’ new frames were part of an image transformation in contrast with his ‘take me or leave me approach to fashion’.

The Labour leader was told by supporters on Twitter that he looked ‘fresh’ and ‘trendy’ in his new half-rim frames. His opponents were less complimentary though, with one saying Corbyn looked like a ‘supermarket chain middle manager’.

Kirk & Kirk managing director Jason Kirk offered some industry insight into the Corbyn’s frame selection. ‘I think it’s probably a really good choice for him. They’re not strong or heavy, or confrontational in any way. They fit him well, they’re thin in every dimension, they’re not in your face,’ said Kirk.

Despite some social media speculation that the frames were from an ultra-high-end designer brand, so often favoured by style-savvy MPs, Corbyn’s frame was a reasonably-priced metal Timberland model available from Specsavers (TB TB1355). The multiple said it could not say whether the Labour party-leader was a patient but did agree with Optician’s frame detective work. Although the article in The Telegraph claimed the frames were new, Corbyn had been pictured wearing them in November 2018 at the Confederation of British Industry conference in London.