Scottish television presenter Judith Ralston has urged the country’s population to take up their free eye check ahead of National Eye Health Week (September 18-24).

The BBC weather presenter attended Optometry Scotland’s campaign for better eye health this week.

Ralston, who once caught an eye infection diagnosed as orbital cellulitis while on holiday, encouraged Scots to book an exam regardless of their current quality of vision.

She said: ‘I love my job and I rely on my eyesight to be able to study the meteorological charts, radar and satellite pictures in detail in order to prepare an accurate forecast. We all love our eyesight and we should all remember to look after our eyes.’

Nicola McElvanney and Frank Munro of Optometry Scotland also attended the event.

McElvanney said: ‘Scotland offers truly world-leading eye care and the fact that it is funded by the NHS is an added bonus, helping all of us to access the best advice and treatment, in our local area, no matter what our circumstances.’